Bryant Theatre’s “Our Place” Production


Alyssa Guevara

Cameron Hastings, junior, and Amelia Johnson, sophomore, at Love Auditorium in the final scene of “Our Place.” (Alyssa Guevara)

Alyssa Guevara, Photographer

The Bryant Theatre Company has been working up to their one-act performance of “Our Place.” Members of the crew have put in many hours, both during and outside of school, in preparation for their final production.

According to Jeremy Clay, head of the Bryant Theatre Company, the cast tries their hardest to reach as close to perfection as they can. “[their] goal is always perfection, but that is unobtainable,” Clay said. “They know the expectation.”

Clay says that he chose “Our Place” as this year’s production because it has both a serious and humorous aspect to it. The two contrasting aspects of the play allow for different kinds of experiences for the actors.

“It allows actors to have varying specialties and skills and experience, really,” said sophomore Jordan Purtle, who is part of the cast. 

Although the crew spent months preparing, they can still get nervous.

“Being at a performance is always nerve racking,” Purtle said. “There are some scenes that are very difficult for an actor to do and others that are not as hard, and they’re better for beginner actors. But each scene is special in its own way. It portrays different emotions and experiences one has in their life. I’m proud of everyone who’s done it.”

Teri Dodd, junior, performs as a young girl named Sherry. (Alyssa Guevara)
Delaney Self, sophomore, and Cameron Hastings, junior, cast as a couple who goes on a vacation that goes very wrong. (Alyssa Guevara)
Jordyn Purtle, sophomore, and Asher Bird, junior, take a walk together which ends in a fury. (Alyssa Guevara)
In Love Auditorium, part of the cast begin to close the show. (Alyssa Guevara)