The Other Side to Prom

Once a year schools across the nation host a night of dressing up and dancing, but who are the ones who plan the prom?


Sydney Maddox

Juniors Izzy Sharp, Bella Curran, and Karoline Bauer in Heather Hare’s advisory class. As members of the prom committee, they help decide the prom theme as well as come up with decorations. “I was already in Mrs. Hare’s advisory and she kept telling me to join [prom committee] so that she can talk about it in advisory without having to be like ‘Izzy please leave the room,’” Sharp said.

Jasper Robertson, Staff Writer

With so many movies and songs about it, prom has become a big part of American culture, but one aspect the movies might look over are those that plan the event: the prom committee.

Heather Hare has been the advisor for the prom committee for 10 years, but when she first started planning prom, she didn’t have students helping her.

“It was a lot, so I decided to have more student input and more student voice and have them be a part of a committee and help me out,” Hare said.

Hare’s job as advisor is to oversee and assign tasks regarding prom, such as coming up with a prom theme.

“We get together in Mrs. Hare’s classroom,” senior Kate Delcastillo, a returning member of the prom committee, said. “There are some ideas on the board, and we see which one we agree with most as a group.”

Last year, due to issues with decorations, the prom theme didn’t turn out how the committee planned.

“We ordered off a certain site and [the decorations] didn’t come in time,” Delcastillo said. “So we ended up not putting up the whole decorations as we planned, and we were stuck with only up to three to four things that we had.”

The prom committee has been working hard coming up with this year’s theme, aiming to improve from last year.

“It’s been, I’m not gonna lie, a little stressful, but it’s very pleasing to be involved with,” Delcastillo said. “We actually have everything planned out. We’re gonna get everything shipped on time, and we’re getting some new equipment so it makes it even better.”

Junior Isabella Sharp gave insight on some of the themes they almost chose this year.

“At the very beginning, we talked about an ‘under the sea’ theme,” Sharp said. “The big thing was a pirate ship, like an authentic one that’s rentable for parties and stuff, and it didn’t fit through the door by six inches. Six inches or we would have had ‘under the sea’ and the giant pirate ship.”

According to junior Bella Curran, there is more to the prom committee than deciding the prom theme.

“We go to the venue the day before and decorate the whole room to make sure everything is in place,” Curran said.

Curran believes prom is important because it is a once-a-year opportunity.

“It’s our one night a year where we can look nice in our long dresses and suits, and have a good time with our friends,” Curran said.

According to Delcastillo, prom is important because of how culturally significant it is.

“it’s been part of the history of American culture for high schools, so it’s always good to carry on that culture,” she said. ”It’s expressive, and the best way to enjoy your end of high school times.”