“Gilmore Girls” Review

With its cozy atmosphere and down-to-earth portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship, it’s no surprise that “Gilmore Girls” remains popular two decades after its release.


Kenzie McCullar

Created by Prospective’s illustrator Kenzie McCullar, this watercolor painting is based off of Stars Hollow’s gazebo.

Deeya Rohant, Editor

Synonymous with hot coffee and leaves littering the ground, “Gilmore Girls” resurfaces every fall as viewers binge watch all seven seasons. Although the show ended in 2007, it remains a timeless classic, so what makes it so popular?

Following mother-daughter pair Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel), the show is set in the sleepy Connecticut town of Stars Hollow. Lorelai comes from a wealthy family, but ran away from home when she became pregnant at 16. She eventually found her way to Stars Hollow, where she built a life for herself and Rory, and the show picks up when Rory is 16.

One of my favorite parts of the show was Stars Hollow itself. The town is overflowing with small, family-run businesses, which creates the perfect cozy and welcoming atmosphere. I especially loved the small park in the center of the town and the gazebo in the middle of it, where many important scenes take place.

Another important aspect of the town was the residents. There are many lovable characters, like Luke (Scott Patterson), the grumpy owner of a diner, and Sookie (Melissa McCarthy), Lorelai’s clumsy best friend. The characters come together to create a close-knit community, which only adds to Stars Hollow’s charm. The entire cast did a wonderful job portraying their characters, and they really brought Stars Hollow to life.

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel also excelled in their roles, perfectly encompassing our imperfect main characters. Their chemistry is unmatched, and I would often forget that they’re not actually mother and daughter. Their conversations are fast-paced and filled with inside jokes and pop culture references, showing a closeness that no one else would understand.

The show’s fashion was also very interesting to see, especially because many trends from the early 2000s are reappearing in current fashion. Lorelai’s wardrobe is very eclectic, ranging from cowboy boots to slip dresses. However, I especially loved Rory’s wardrobe, which consists of a lot of sweaters, and I could see myself wearing a lot of her outfits.

Something that sets “Gilmore Girls” apart from other shows is how relatable Lorelai and Rory are. They make a lot of mistakes throughout the show, but they show a lot of growth from their mistakes as well. Although they can be frustrating characters, their mistakes only make them more human.

Overall, the cozy atmosphere, captivating characters, impeccable fashion, and relatability of “Gilmore Girls” makes it the perfect thing to watch when the air gets cold and the leaves turn orange. If your favorite season is fall or you just love the feeling of nostalgia, you’re sure to love “Gilmore Girls.”