The Batman: Reviewed

Minor spoiler warning!


Courtesy of Official Batman Website

Matthew Jones, Staff Writer

The Batman came out March 4th of this year with a lot of mixed feelings. The movie has some well-known actors/actresses in it such as Robert Pattison as Gotham’s favorite vigilante, Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler and The Penguin played by Colin Farrell.

To a lot of people, Pattinson was an unlikely pick for the role of the beloved Dark Knight due to his past role in Twilight, however to their surprise, Pattison has seemed to wow the audiences on the big screen.

Batman’s main antagonist in this film is The Riddler, which we see a lot of during the 3 hour run time. Director Matt Reeves shows more of Batman’s current life rather than any other original story. Batman deals with major inner conflict when it comes to continuing to fight for the people of Gotham. Bruce has started to feel that the amount of crime has only become stronger and more vicious since the biggest crime boss was taken down about two years ago from where the last movie left off.

However our “hero” finally gets some sort of break when Catwoman arrives with the same hatred and resentment for the criminals of Gotham. These two self-proclaimed partners seek revenge on the person or people responsible for innocent lives that have been lost.

Many have raved about the connection between Pattison and Kravitz, as well as how much dedication Kravitz put into her role as Catwoman. From studying the movements of lion fights to drinking milk out of a cat bowl, she does an amazing job alongside Pattinson throughout the film.

The movie has had some negative feedback from reviews such as the New York Times which said that they didn’t have the most thrilling time watching it but still gave it praise where it was due. There’s also been some complaints regarding the long monologues and dialogues that give unnecessary amounts of exposition.

When checking Rotten Tomatoes, there’s still an amazing rate of 85% with the audience score stating that the movie was great, with a phenomenal Batman, however it’s lengthiness almost supersedes it. With this, many are very excited for the next chapter of this Batman’s timeline and are patiently waiting for the next movie.