Bryant High Swim and Dive Highlight

Swim and dive team give insights on being an athlete

Samuel Forst, Videographer

The Bryant High School Swim and Dive team are able to combine fun and working towards competing, creating a good opportunity for students to exercise and stay in shape. I was given the opportunity to attend some of their practices and interview a few students. In making this video, I was given many insights from students on why they love the sport and the relationships that are created with their teammates.

The students involved in swim and dive are able to express how they deal with various issues in life. A couple examples of this are that they have displayed ways to manage nervousness and perform at a high level and how to collaborate to achieve great accomplishments. While interviewing the students, I was able to understand the difficulties of being an athlete and upholding a set standard of competing at a higher level. However, despite these difficulties, these students continue to have fun with their peers.