God’s Will

Senior Isaiah Kearney has been going to Church for his entire life, and continues to worship God and his will.


Courtesy of Lenora Ayers

Senior Isaiah Kearney helps his former church members for a special event.

Jasper Robertson, Staff Writer

From working at Boys and Girls Club to being a Senior in Highschool, Isaiah Kearney has a lot of time taken out of his day, but he finds the time to worship and celebrate God.

Growing up with Christian parents, Kearney would go to the Children’s church, sing in the choir, and take in God’s words. Now, he spreads the word of God himself.

“Doing the work of Jesus Christ-the importance of something more than yourself.” He said. “I have to put myself aside so He can get all of the glory, so He can shine through me. I live my life by that everyday because there are so many situations we [have] as highschoolers,  so many influences that come each and every way every single day.”

Kearney is the president of FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, for the school.

“We cater towards not only athletes, but everybody that is willing to grow in their spiritual life. We would like to have a community where everybody can be themselves, but at the same time learn more about Jesus Christ.”

With the help of the community, Kearney has been able to achieve even more than if he was by himself.

“I point out Sydney Maddox and Jas Kearney, those are just two of the people right off the top of my head that I think of when it comes to FCA.” Kearney said. “They have always been around to help me organize different events we’ve had during the school year and it’s been such a huge pleasure.”

He also started his own church with his family and close church members.

“We started a church in around 2018,” He said. “It’s called Jesus at the Center Ministry. We’ve been going strong. We’re at the point where we’re looking for a building.” 

Due to covid, the Church has been having to do everything virtual.

“We have been doing everything on Zoom.” He said. “We do a bible study on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, and then our church service on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Sundays if there is one.”

Kearney’s inspiration for starting the church is ‘God’s Will’, what Kearney believes God wants him to do for others

“I truly believe [in] doing something that’s out of yourself. Not for the benefit of yourself but for the benefit of other people, like Jesus says in the word, that we can make a difference in everybody else’s life. And not only does it help their lives, but it helps ours.”

Kearney believes that they have grown well since 2018, and they will continue going on, even if the idea at first made them uncomfortable.

“We believe that God speaks through people.” He said. “Whenever it came to us, first starting the church and figuring out that we were going to be pastors over a church, we were quite uncomfortable about it, but we heard so much confirmation in our spiritual lives that this was something that was gonna lead to a church foundation. We got that information and started planning.”

Kearney’s peers and family support his Church and now he himself has grown spiritually because of it.

“My parents are 100% behind my back, and the peers around me.” Kearney said. “They’ve shown me, not necessarily shown me who I am, but I’ve continued to learn who I am in the midst of the people I’m surrounded with.”

Kearney plans to make being a pastor his career, if God sees it fit.

“I’ve been asked this question multiple times, and that is something that lays on my heart.” He said. “Not saying that I don’t want to be a pastor or anything like that. If that is what God is wanting me to do, of course I’ll go ahead and do that, because he knows what is best for me.”