Halloween Movie Review

Madison Basco, Writer

As the Halloween season approached, many horror movies hit the theaters as people were starting to get into the “spooky” spirit. Everyone knows about the original hit movie Halloween that came out in 1978 with the classic serial killer Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Laurie Strode. Oct. 17, a sequel came out in theaters. Instead of it being another movies in the long chain of the Halloween series, it is a direct sequel to the original.

I am usually not a fan of slasher movies, because I hate the idea that something that traumatic could actually happen. However, because of how iconic and popular the first one was, I decided to watch it with an open mind. To my surprise, the hardcore characters and exciting suspense made up for how frightening the movie was. So, if you want a good scare and an interesting plot, this would be a great option.

To fully understand the plot of Halloween, you have to know some key information from the original. The first movie revealed the beginnings of Myers’ murders. The movie starts off by showing Myers as a kid. Because Myers killed his older sister, he was taken to a mental institution, where he remained for fifteen years before escaping. Throughout the movie, Myers stalks and harasses Strode and her friends. Eventually, Strode ends up being the only teenager out of her friend group to survive Myers.

The sequel picks up with Strode in present day. It explains how Myers greatly impacted her life. She lived constantly paranoid that Myers would come back, so she prepared herself. Strode set traps in her house, bought and learned how to shoot guns and just simply prepared for any kind of attack. Following the same storyline as the original, Myers escapes from the institution and goes after Strode’s teen granddaughter and her friends. Finally, Myers finds Strode and the next two generations of her family, including Strode, her daughter and her granddaughter. The three of them team up to fight Myers.

There was some pretty shocking and terrifying moments in this movie, and I’m not going to lie, I screamed so many times watching it. A lot of the scenes were really gory and traumatizing, so if you can’t handle slasher movies, I would not recommend this movie. All in all though, Halloween gave me a good scare and although it could never live up to the original, it was still a very interesting and well-written horror movie.