New School Rules

With the start of a new school year, students returned to new school policies, including ZMD and dress code. Students have voiced their opinions about the new school rules, with these changes, students had mixed feelings about the implementation of these new rules.


“What I’ve seen from other people, having to, because of dress code, they’ve had to buy more stuff,” Sophomore Michelle Hernandez said. “For example, jeans, ripped jeans, there’s some jeans students like to wear, so if they don’t have something to cover their jeans, they’re going to either have to buy something, which is inconvenient, and then also, covering up stuff because it’s too hot outside. Especially right now, it’s really hot, so it’s also very inconvenient right now.” 


Although school dress codes apply to all genders, some students believe they can affect these genders differently. 


“I think a lot of people don’t like the dress code,” Sophomore Hayden Muffoletto said. “Most girls I know think that the dress code is a little more strict and that staff should be a little bit more lenient on the dress code and not constantly dress code them and make them change clothes.”


However, not all students disagree with the dress code.


“In my opinion it doesn’t bother me because it’ll help me to be more professional in the future,” Sophomore Cate Moore said. 


Another new policy implemented this year is ZMD, now called The Zone. 


“ZMD is irritating because some of my teachers don’t want to put my grades in, and then I’m stuck in ZMD doing nothing. While all my work is done, I’m just sitting there for nothing,” Moore said.


Along with ZMD, getting to class on time can also be a struggle for students. However, some students think the passing period is long enough to get to class on time.


“I think that six minutes to get to class is the perfect amount,” Hernandez said. “If you are just going to class, which is what you should be doing, you should at least have a few extra minutes left, even if your class is really, really far away. Going to class in those six minutes should be enough time, but if you’re talking to your friends or you get distracted on the way, then yeah, it’s going to be inconvenient for you, but that was a you problem.”


Although the school keeps changing rules we need to keep consistency, so students can adapt. 


“I mean, we need rules to have order, and of course without order there would be chaos,” Junior Pedro Hernandez said. “I mean [the rules] are good, but if the school ever decides to keep on changing their mind, that’s when the students will have enough of it. They’ll just do whatever the heck they want.”