iPhone 6s Review: By the Students

Brad Brewer

There are three things guaranteed in life: death, taxes and the annual release of a new iPhone. On Sept. 25, 2015, Apple released the iPhone 6s, complete with new hardware, features and colors.

The largest draw for the iPhone 6s is its new “3D Touch” technology, which senses how hard and how long the screen is pressed to trigger new features, increasing the convenience of applications. For example, the phone will track users’ three most-called contacts and display them above the phone app. The best part of 3D Touch is its use in another new feature called “Live Photo.” By holding a finger on a photo, the picture comes to life, whether it is a breeze blowing the leaves of a tree or the roaring flames of a bonfire.

Sophomore Jessica James admires the new 3D Touch feature.

“My favorite new feature is the 3D Touch, since if you poke a picture [it] moves around,” James said.  

Junior Blake Hughes finds the iPhone 6s a worthy complement to his lifestyle.

“The Live Photo on the camera [is] my most favorite thing,” Hughes said. “I see photography as a hobby, and it’s just interesting to me because you can get a more clear, crisp picture.”

Junior Daniel Welch appreciates the improved sensor capability.

“My favorite feature is the faster Touch ID sensor,” Welch said. “The 3D Touch is really cool, but I don’t find myself using it as much as I thought I would.”

There are many other phones currently on the market, but students have a clear loyalty to the iPhone.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t [switch],” Hughes said. “I had an HTC before and multiple Android phones, [so] it is nice to have something different. So I would end up just keeping this iPhone.”

“I wouldn’t take this phone back,” Welch said. “I basically had the option to buy any phone I wanted, and this is the phone I chose.”

After selling 13 million iPhone 6s units during the launch weekend, it seems the iPhone train is still moving and is showing no signs of stopping. Apple has yet to disappoint James.

“I’m so happy with this phone,” she said. “It’s perfect.” 

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