FBLA District Conference

FBLA attendees compete at the conference in Stuttgart, Arkansas.


Alyssa gu

Two contestants wait for their placement at the conference.

Rylee Rutledge, Writer

     FBLA attended their district conference on Monday, Feb. 6, at the Grand Prairie center in Stuttgart, Arkansas, in which they competed in objective tests and performance events. The objective tests focused on research for advertising, while the performance events focused on presenting and giving speeches. 

     Cheryl Harrell, the advisor for FBLA, described the preparation it takes for her members to be successful at these conferences.

     “You have to go out and research FBLA advertising concepts, and FBLA gives us a list of constituencies or a list of skills,” Harrell said. 

     At the conference, Bryant High School performed highly in all of their events. 

     “Our district conference participants made it to the next level. The participants that make it to the top six [in the district] make it to state, and all of our participants made it to the top six,” Harrell said.  

     Sophomore Maricka Farr, vice president of FBLA, explained how the FBLA conferences benefit students.

     “The social aspect of it is definitely the biggest incentive of being there. Not only are you becoming closer to peers at your own school, you exchange social media and meet other fellow FBLA members all around the state,” Farr said. 

     Farr placed third in the state at the district conference. 

     “I competed in the Public Service Announcement, an event consisting of filming and editing a video, highlighting an issue prevalent in teens and presenting it in front of judges,” Farr said. 

     Senior Ashleigh Byles, state secretary of FBLA, described her experience with FBLA conferences. 

     “FBLA conferences usually start off as sort of an organized chaos. Some of our members are competing or prepping to compete while some are just hanging out since some only had to take objective tests,” Byles said.

     Byles also explained how she enjoyed the conference.

     “There is also an awards ceremony which mostly marks the end of the conference and that’s personally where I think the fun begins. Everyone is together and enjoying cheering on their peers as they win,” Byles said.

     Byles also competed at the conference, placing second in her event. 

     “I did very well at the conference. I placed second in my event, Electronic Career Portfolio, which was shocking considering that I thought I could’ve done better in my interview. I am hoping to use my mistakes to perform better and bring back home a first place win this April,” Byles said


Contestants receiving their FBLA awards (Alyssa Guevara)