The Light In The Darkness

The Lisowe Light foundation continues to grow throughout all of the nation.

Rylee Rutledge, Writer

Amelia and Braden Lisowe (Lauren Lisowe)

The Lisowe Light program all started with Amelia Lisowe, who was seven at the time, and her mother, Lauren Lisowe. It started with Amelia putting positive post-it notes all around her school, and she soon realized she wanted to start helping foster kids. 

“She’d grown up kind of knowing the concept of what a foster kid is and what some of their struggles are, and she said I want to collect nightlights for foster kids because it’s probably really scary to have to leave your home in the middle of the night,” Lauren said.

The program started out as a helpful cause around the community, until it grew world wide.

“It really just started as this like call to action on social media during the summer, and friends were sending stuff a lot at a time,” Lauren said. “Then she went to her counselor when school started and told them she was collecting night-lights and wanted the school to be involved,” Lauren said. 

Since starting in 2018, the Lisowe Light program has continued to see growing interest.

“The first donation was a little over 500 lights, and I thought we were done, and then a year later the boys and girls club submitted her story with the night-lights to the news. The story went viral across the U.S,” Lauren said. 

Lisowe Lights gets help from multiple foster care organizations. 

“We like working with second chance ranch because they do group homes where they will take the whole sibling group, and we hold events with them like days at the first stations where they can bring their whole foster family,” Amelia said.

 The Lisowe Lights program expects to keep flourishing and accomplish many of their goals. 

“We’ve actually donated to eight countries so far, or nine now, and I hope to donate more next year. But our goal this year was to double the number of countries that we were in,” Amelia said.

Lisowe Lights donations (Alyssa Guevara)


Will Sanders and Emily Martin, collecting Lisowe Lights donations.(Alyssa Guevara)