Class of 2023 Class Officers

Who won the class elections and how they plan to do their job


Courtesy of Shamarion Gilmore

These are the elected Juniors for a proud next year

Jasper Robertson, Staff Writer

Election Results came in March 4th for the Junior Class Elections, and the class has gotten their President, Vice President, Treasurer, Historian, and Secretary.

    Sabian Murray has won the title of the 2023 class president. The job of the president is to preside over officer meetings, oversee senior activities, deliver the farewell speech at the senior graduation and plan future class reunions.

    Murray’s reason for running dates as far back as elementary school.

    “I’ve always envisioned myself seeing over a large group of people, using their ideas and concerns to be able to create solutions and better our society, and becoming President will fulfill that desire for me,” Murray said. “I’ve thought about doing this, truthfully, since the 3rd grade, at the same time I discovered I wanted to be valedictorian. I wanted the typical stereotypical protagonist’s high school movie experience and becoming class president is essential to reach that goal.”

    With Murray’s self-proclaimed ability to connect with people on a high level, she plans to represent her class to the best of her ability.

    “I personally plan to provide my senior class with a smooth, activity-filled, stressless 2023 school year by keeping students informed, pushing for school participation and showing that 212 spirit,” Murray said.

    Murray is really grateful for her peers and their belief in her.

    “It’s good to know that I have a supportive student body on my side,” Murray said. “I’m not going to say I expected to win, but I had confidence that the voters were more familiar with me than my opponent, and that definitely took off some of the stress of the competition. I’d like to finally just say thank you to everyone who voted for me. I appreciate the faith you all have in me and the confidence you’ve instilled in me to guarantee we have the most spectacular senior year.”

    MJ Ferguson won the seat of Vice President. As Vice President, Ferguson is to be there to take over the duties when the President is absent.

    Ferguson decided to run due to last year’s campaign. 

    “I really just want to run since I saw people in the 2022 class running for it and it seems like they’re making a big impact on the class, and obviously on top of all that it seemed really fun to take this position so I wanted to do it since around last year,” he said.

    Ferguson’s plans for the year to be fun for the class of 2023.   

    I want each student to really get the best closing year experience for their 2023 year by trying to get the class to do as many fun and interesting things as possible.” Ferguson said.

    Ferguson was surprised and excited that he had won, and was glad he got to experience running.

    “I knew that there would be a good chance that I would win, but I also tried to keep myself grounded and realize that the other candidates had just as big of a chance of winning that I had. So, when I found out I won, I definitely was surprised a little,” Ferguson said. “I just think this was an amazing experience and I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone a little to do something that even [if] I won or lost would be something I looked back on and was proud of myself for doing.”

Ashleigh Byles will be next year’s Class Treasurer. As Treasurer, the job is to make financial reports for the class. 

Byles’ reason for running is due to her siblings.

    “Being class treasurer has been a goal of mine since I was in 6th grade starting student council,” she said. “My siblings graduated from here and watching their graduation is what sparked my interest in running for treasurer.”

    Byles’ believes she has good experience for the job of Treasurer due to her being an officer for FBLA and being Student Council president in the 9th grade. With these qualifications, she plans to execute her job efficiently.

    “I know I would be a great treasurer because I would utilize leadership experience to become a great treasurer,” she said. “As treasurer I would want to be very involved outside of the position.” 

    She is very happy now that she has won the election, even with the hard emotions she felt during the election.

    “The win was very unexpected because I had a lot of self-doubt and so did some of my peers,” she said. “I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted and I would also like to thank my opponent Sam Herring for putting up a good fight.”

    Nyla Danzy was the sole runner for the job of historian, and as historian, Danzy will have to make a social media account for the class to inform them about senior events and communicate with news outlets. She plans to do the job efficiently.

    “I plan to keep the account updated regularly and ensure that the information provided is accurate,” she said. “I feel that it is very important that our seniors get involved in the events so that they actually enjoy their year.”

    Danzy has been planning to run for office since she was in student council in middle school.

    “When they announced the campaigns I jumped at the opportunity,” she said. “For this specific position, I thought it would be something new for me to explore, and also gives [me] the opportunity to be creative with it.”

    Although she has no specific source of inspiration for the job, she is still motivated to help her class.

    “I just want our seniors to be involved in our events,” she said. “Because of COVID, a lot of events for past classes have been canceled, or had to be altered in some way, but our class will likely be able to experience them how they were before. I want to make sure they know when and where they are happening.”

    Finally, the Secretary for the class of 2023 is Maegan Hall. Her job is to keep tabs on all the meetings and events they will have as class officers. 

    Her reasoning for running is her feeling of the school.

    “My love for Bryant High School has inspired me,” she said. “I’ve had such a great experience that I want to do my part to ensure that we have the best senior year possible.”

    Hall’s dedicated to doing her job with the skills she has and her school spirit.

    “As secretary, I will ensure that class officer meetings are running smoothly, and I will also keep efficient notes and records during the meetings,” she said. “I’m very organized, hardworking, dedicated, and motivated. I also have a lot of school spirit.”

    Hall has felt a lot of emotions about the elections, both during and after.

    “I am very ecstatic to be Class Secretary, but I’m also kind of relieved that the elections are over,” she said. “There was a lot of anticipation and nerves throughout the week. I did not necessarily expect to win, but I was definitely hopeful. I just want to thank everyone for voting for me and I promise to make them proud.”

    With the campaign now over, Ferguson has hope for the group as a whole.

    “I feel like we as a team can really help just bring a fun senior year for as many people as we can and that’s what matters in the end.” He said.