Jared King, A Star Wars Story

Ryan McKenzie, Staff Writer

As he debates about “Star Wars” with junior Jace Orr, junior Jared King lets the stress of the day flow away. “Star Wars” is King’s life.

It was not until eighth grade that King got heavily into “Star Wars,” despite seeing it as a little kid.

“I’ve watched the movies, but it wasn’t until “Star Wars Rebels” came along I got heavily into it,” King said.

It was this major launch into the “Star Wars” fandom that brought out his creative side.

“‘Star Wars’ changed my life by releasing my creativity through writing stories of my own,” King said.  “I am making a ‘Star Wars’ short story about a couple of different rebellion sympathizers. One is a gunslinger, and they help by going on missions for the rebellion.”

Throughout the years, if there has been one person cheering King on with his “Star Wars” passion, it is his friend Orr.

“I met him on the day I got my schedule for Bryant Middle School in the 6th grade,” Orr said. “First, I just ate lunch with him because he was the only one I knew. Then, he just grew on me.”

Orr claims that King is fun to listen to and be around.

“He helps me keep up with what is going on,” Orr said. “He is surprisingly and unintentionally good at getting rid of my stress. He gets rid of the stress by talking about the things we like and even debating to the point I forget.”