Attacked by ISIS


Alexis Burch, Writer

Two hundred twenty-four people were murdered on a Russian airline. One hundred twenty-eight lives were lost in Paris and Saint-Denis, France. Forty-three suburbanites will never see another day in Beirut, Lebanon. This does not include the countless injuries that surround every attack. The actions of ISIS have led to worldwide talk of closing borders, attacking ISIS in Syria and Iraq, placing refugees and America’s role going forward.

France began strictly monitoring the country’s borders after the attacks in Paris and Saint-Denris, mostly to ensure terrorists do not get into the country posing as refugees. Senior Kesaundra Brazell agrees with what the French government is doing.

“The people of Paris are scared because they have been attacked,” Brazell said. “I think closing the borders was the most realistic idea that they could have had. If I were in charge, I would close the borders, too. Most people are afraid, like when 9/11 happened, they are blaming all of the people of that ethnicity. I see that it is wrong, but at the same time, everyone is scared. The governor is not letting Syrian refugees into Arkansas. I think it was out of fear, and personally, I wouldn’t let the refugees in either.”

Brazell thinks America should keep to itself.

“I do not think America should get involved,” Brazell said. “On the news, they have already mentioned that ISIS has 72 soldiers in 15 different states, so I would not get involved simply out of fear of them attacking us. ”

French President Francois Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to work together to enact airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Junior Tabitha Cummins thinks the American government should extend their hand.

“I think America should definitely help,” Cummins said. “We should not be so selfish to just say ‘Hashtag Pray for Paris.’ We should actually take action and do something against ISIS. After 9/11 happened, other countries helped us, so we should do the same.”

Cummins does not think the extended hand should include the refugees, however.

“When it comes to the Syrian refugees, it is more of a Republican-Democrat thing. If you are a Republican, you will agree with Gov. Asa Hutchinson on not letting the refugees be relocated to Arkansas, and if you are a Democrat, you will not agree with that. We don’t want something like [a terrorist attack] happening again in the country, especially with what just happened overseas.”

The attacks in Beirut, Lebanon received considerably less coverage than the Paris attacks. In a suburb of primarily Shia Muslims, two suicide bombers detonated explosives. Sophomore Tony Yerena believes that attack should have received more attention.

“Lebanon deserves attention if lives have been lost,” Yerena said. “The view of Muslims has not changed much since 9/11. People think of all Muslims as terrorists, and they believe that ISIS is an act of the Islam religion, even if violence goes against Muslim beliefs. We are being racist by not paying attention to the Muslims who were attacked by ISIS. America should help Lebanon, not watch it in silence.”