Humans of BHS: Mary Claire Harper

Mary Claire Harper expresses her love for the community behind tennis.

Rylee Rutledge, Writer

Sophomore tennis player, Mary Claire Harper (Alyssa Guevara)

Tennis is one of the many sports at Bryant High School. Sophomore Mary Claire Harper, is a player on the Bryant High School Tennis team.

Harper explains her future plans that don’t necessarily involve tennis. 

“I’ve always kind of thought about doing it in college, I think I might just take the route of continuing my studies in college because I’m planning to be a lawyer,” Harper said.

Even though Harper won’t be doing much professional tennis playing in her future, she still wants to do it as a fun activity. 

“So I probably won’t continue it in college but for sure when I’m older, I will definitely be calling up some friends and going out on courts and playing with them”, Harper said. 

According to Harper, tennis requires a lot of devotion and extra time. 

“Tennis takes up most of my week. I definitely probably put studies over tennis, but I try not to miss a practice, and I know Coach Dale holds us to a certain standard, Harper said. 

Harper explains that tennis is not all about one individual person, it’s about the whole team.

“Tennis is basically like you win based on everyone else, so when we go to matches and we are playing other people, for our team to win, it’s everybody’s score combined,” Harper said. 

Harper explains the importance of the community behind the team.

“The community behind all the people on the team, everyone’s so positive and sweet and I think there is not one person on the team I don’t get along with. I’m friends with probably most all of them, and it’s just the best environment to be around,” Harper said.