Senior Starts His Own Business

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Senior Starts His Own Business

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With a diamond for his logo to represent Arkansas, senior Trey Workman officially started No Limit Lighting, an automotive accessory business that focuses on lighting in Jan. 2017. Since then, he has worked on over a hundred trucks, and each one has brought him about $200-$300 profit.

“As a kid, I was always interested in lighting, and I worked on a 4-wheeler just for the fun of it,” Workman said. “After that, it just became an interest and I got really good at it.”

Workman’s sponsors, Opt 7 Lighting, Rad Off-Road and Ampper, send him accessories at a discounted price.

About a year ago, Workman decided that he wanted to work on vehicles as an occupation and major in business at Arkansas State.

“What I like most about [my work] is that it really [differentiates] everybody’s truck,” Workman said. “You can’t look at one and say that it’s not different from another when I work on it.”

Workman drives a customized GMC 1500 pickup, which he uses to get more attention from potential customers.

“I use my vehicle to really get [business], because I always get asked questions, and whenever questions pop up, I can usually use that to draw [people] in and get more business,” Workman said.

Workman quit the baseball team his freshman year because he got knee cap tracking. Workman said he is in constant pain, but does not let it affect his work habits.

“It’s hard, but it’s something [I] just have to get used to,” Workman said. “I like to get [the job] done so that I don’t have to worry about it.”

Workman installed lights on junior Jett Nelson’s truck. Workman and Nelson have been friends for two years.

“He’s done a pretty good job, honestly,” Nelson said. “He’s pretty much one of my family members. I don’t trust many other people with [my truck].”

Twenty-year-old Middleton Heat and Air employee Zach Sherrods met Workman about a year ago at a truck meet, where Workman first asked him if he could work on Sherrods’ truck.

“He doesn’t cut corners or anything,” Sherrods said. “If he doesn’t do it right, he’ll warranty it and do it again.”

Workman picked up Sherrods’ 2015 Sierra 1500 SLT truck Jan. 31 and rewired his tow mirrors and installed light bars.

“[He did] an excellent job, without a doubt,” Sherrods said. “He’s fair about everything, and he wouldn’t mind helping anyone [work on their vehicle].”