Final Exams


Photo | Sarah Bullington

Natalie Burgess, Staff Writer

With the school year coming to a close, students are thinking about final exams. For Advanced Placement classes with an AP test, no final exams are required. First semester, every student had to take a test for every course they were enrolled in.

For the second semester, according to the handbook, “students with an ‘A’ in a course are eligible for an exemption if the number of days absent does not exceed four.”

As the grade lowers, the number of days a student is allowed to miss goes down to three days for a B and two days for a C. However, if a student has lower than a “C” in the class, he or she can not exempt the test in that course.

“Students who are exempt from an exam do not have to attend that class; however, students may NOT wander campus,” interim principal Rachel Rasburry said.

Students will have their final exam during 7 period Thursday, May 19. Friday,May 20, students will have 5 and 6 period tests. Students will have 3 and 4 period tests Monday, May 23, and Tuesday, May 24, students will have their 1 and 2 period tests. All of these days will have regular bell schedule. The last day of the school year, Wednesday, May 25, will be a makeup test day.