NHS Talent Show Acts


photo | Maya Jackson

Emma Goad, Online Editor

The NHS talent show will take place in Love Auditorium during school hours March 18. Auditions were held Jan. 30. These are the acts that were picked by a committee to perform.

“Die a Happy Man” cover- Gage Marvel, Isaac Helgestad, Maddie Miller, John Delorto, Tristan Susoeff

Violin solo- Abby McGee

“House of the Rising Sun” cover- Jonathan Rollins, Jacob Gosney

Piano solo- Derek Vos

“Blank Space/Style” cover- Anna Claire Morgan, Hannah Earls, Ansley McDonald

“Shut up & Dance”- ASL Club

“When we were Young” cover- Levi Galicia

Comedy skit- KJ Hendrix

“Bottom of the River” cover- Amanda Porter, Anneliese Davis, Katie Guthrie, Brittany McCombs

“Wrecking Ball” dance- Chaterica Fletcher

“Stitches” cover- Heather Hinson, Emily Clark

“Broken Wing” cover- Jonathan Gatlin

“Words I Would Say” cover- Emma Barnes

“Shut up & Dance” cover- Madison Treat, Michael Fuhrman

“Cowboys & Angels” cover- Jacob Carter

Guitar duet- Max White, Phillip Clemons

“You’re Beautiful” cover- Cloe Humphry, Maddie Miller