Humans of BHS: Nick Spann

Edith Garcia

Junior Nick Spann
Junior Nick Spann

“I don’t get too close to people. All my friends are just friends and there’s this boundary that stays exactly where it is and nobody’s ever crossed it,” junior Nick Spann said.

For many students, there is a boundary that lies between friends and best friends, but Spann took any possible opportunity to develop that friendship into something more meaningful.

“I treat everyone equally,” Spann said. “[I’m] actually a friend to them, but I do that with absolutely everyone. It’s a good thing, but it’s also a bad thing, because no one gets closer than where that boundary lies, and she was the one person that crossed that boundary somehow.”

Some people naturally become more memorable than others. There are times when one can not remember a simple name, but there are other times where every instinct of one’s being remember the details, no matter the level of importance. Spann recalls the first moment he laid eyes on the person who would change his perception of friendship and love.

“It all started about two and a half years ago,” Spann said. “I was late to Fine Arts Survey on the second floor of building 14. I was running up the stairs, the sun was beating down on me, I opened the door and I could feel the cool air flowing out and as I pushed the door opened further. Lights started to pour in because all the lights were out for some movie. Right as I fully opened the door, the light was shining directly on her face and it was the most perfect moment of my life.”

Typically, there are people who instantly catch one’s attention because of some sort of physical attraction felt toward that person. But in several cases, nothing is done about that feeling. Spann’s attention was instantly grasped, and he knew that feeling would not simply fade.

“She was the only girl that caught my eye out of the entire day, and she just had this blank stare to nowhere,” Spann said. “She wasn’t really doing anything special, but I just wanted to know where that world was. That’s what I wanted to be part of.”

Some do not believe in love at first sight, but there was something about that moment that made it special for Spann.

“From the first moment that I laid eyes on her, I knew that I instantly had a crush on her,” Spann said. “There’s absolutely no denying it. For the next three days, I tried to figure out some possible way to sit by her and talk to her. Whenever you find somebody attractive or just wonderful, there’s a factor of intimidation about getting up and sitting beside them and telling them your name, asking for theirs, creating needless conversation–even the most simple conversations.”

The days passed. Just as it had seemed Spann would never get an opportunity, everything fell into place.

“One day, my good friend from middle school decided to sit beside her and one of her friends, so I took that as an opportunity to go talk to her,” Spann said. “[I] sat beside my friend and talked to him for about three seconds and instantly diverted all my attention to her. In that exact moment we instantly became friends and I [still] had a crush on her.”

Although Spann’s opportunity presented itself, he was not so sure he would take it any further at the time.

“I wasn’t the most school oriented kid, I got in trouble fairly often, but we ended up becoming best friends and over time that friendship grew passed that barrier,” Spann said. “I always kept her as my number one priority, she’s my best friend and she never needs anything and if she needs something, I will absolutely put down everything I’m doing at the moment and go help her.”

Eventually, Spann felt that feeling he once did before. The friendship continued, but he wasn’t sure he would be able to hide his feelings for long.

“After all of my big relationships and after two and a half years, I felt that feeling again, out of nowhere, and it hit me like a freight train. Once again, there was no denying it, and I absolutely fell for her,” Spann said. “From then on, I tried to keep those words to myself and despite my actions blatantly showing that I liked her, I tried as hard as I could not to say anything so that our friendship could stay in tact. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and nothing could ever change that.”