Spring Football

Jacob Lowe

Sophomore Demaja Price goes through his routine work outs | photo Emma Barnes
Sophomore Demaja Price goes through his routine work outs | photo Emma Barnes

The boys of fall have been learning new schemes and techniques during the off-season.

“Our focus on offense has been transitioning to an option-based offense with the quarterback more involved in the run game,” head coach Paul Calley said. “Our focus on defense has been developing back to the 4-3 based defense and developing our safeties.”An option-based offense is a complicated offense that involves the quarterback in the running game. One of the most used plays in this offensive scheme is the read option.

“We use the read-option a lot,” sophomore Gunnar Burks said. “Coach (Calley) likes us running the ball more and trusts we’ll make the right reads.”

Burks is the starting quarterback in spring workouts with the number one’s on offense. The main focus on offense has been the read option.

The read option is a run-option based play where the quarterback reads the defensive end or linebacker.

“The biggest hole on defense is safety,” Calley said. “But we have to focus on transitioning our front seven into a permanent 4-3 scheme.”

The scheme proposes to open wholes in the offensive line so the hard-hitting linebackers can fill the running lanes and make most of the tackles on defense.

The 4-3 scheme is where the defense has four down linemen and three linebackers as its front seven. There is a middle linebacker, junior Conner Chapdelaine is the current starter, outside linebacker, sophomore Devon Alpe has taken that spot, and outside linebacker, junior Ben Bruick. There are two defensive ends and two defensive tackles on the line.

Safety is the position that inexperienced underclassman will have to fill this spring.

“The safety position is our biggest hole,” Chapdelaine said. “Trying to fill two All-State safeties from last year is no easy task; but I think we gotta a couple guys that can step up and make an impact.”

Junior Steven Murdock and junior Brenden Young are the two starting safeties at this point in spring. Young moved from running back to safety and have some learning to do before spring ball starts up May 12.

“We’re here to prove that we can get the job done,” Young said. “I feel like it’s a good transition; defense has always been my passion, and I’m ecstatic for spring.”

Murdock, as a backup safety for Jake Johnson last year, has the most experience at the position.

“We’ll be fine,” Murdock said. “It’s always good to have experience but Brenden’s football smart and intelligent enough to catch on fast.”