Youth Alive 2018-2019

Madison Basco, Writer

Youth Alive, a student-led organization which meets on the first and third Friday of each month, invites students from any religious background to come together and have a system of support and unity. Although the club is mainly intended for Christians, they encourage anyone to join.

Last year’s Youth Alive involved mostly projects and events, but for this year, they are going back to the way that it was originally set up, which is primarily for worship and building relationships. Senior Kassidy Bond is one of the three presidents of Youth Alive, along with seniors Caleb Barnes and Sierra Edelmann.

“We’ll have a youth pastor come in and share a little devotional, [and] we’ll have different service projects throughout the year,” Bond said. “We make cards for the kids at Children’s Hospital, and we go caroling to the nursing homes around Christmas.”

According to Bond, the relationships that are expected to grow through this club and acceptance of everyone is important.

“We don’t want to push and pressure anyone to convert to Christianity, but we do want to make a space and a community where people are comfortable asking questions, or just having a place of support,” Bond said.

According to Barnes, students need to have a place where they can come together and learn how to better follow Christ and set an example of Christ in school.

“We are trying to focus on growing together as a club [and on] caring for each other,” Barnes said. “I’m hoping people will be able to learn more about Christ or be inspired by the way we live our lives.”

Senior Isaiah Acker has recently become a member of Youth Alive and hopes to grow in his relationship with God through the club.

“I hope to gain new resources and grow with people and help people spread the word of God.” Acker said.