Humans of BHS: Noel Wallace

Rowdy Baribeau, Writer

Bryant is home to over two thousand students with many different personalities, talents and abilities. One of these students is senior Noel Wallace, who at first glance, looks like your average fashionable student.

What some may not know is that Wallace is a musician who goes by the moniker, “Bruce.”

“Obviously, all the [coolest] people are named Bruce,” Wallace said. “Bruce Lee, Bruce Wayne, Bruce Willis, Bruce Jenner, they’re all [hardcore].”

Wallace started writing music toward the end of his freshman year. He accidentally stumbled upon music-making when he wrote a poem.

“I didn’t realize it was going to be a song until I read it over a beat,” Wallace said. “I realized the [poem] sounded like a rap, so it became my first song.” 

Wallace has many reasons for getting into  music, including support from his friends, but there is one reason in particular that drives him.

“Being overlooked,” Wallace said. “Besides being a politician or a president, people that make music are people that are really listened to. Some people don’t like listening to politics, but everyone loves listening to music.”

Wallace plans to make music just as a hobby after he graduates.

“I plan to [keep making music], but it will be harder,” Wallace said. “It’s easy to campaign yourself around your peers, but after we graduate, I won’t be able to get as much personal feedback on my music.”