Sculpting the Future


Photo | Sarah Bullington

Emma Goad, Online Editor

When teens hear the word ‘model,’ they may think of names like Kendall Jenner, Karlie Closs and Cara Delevingne.


Senior Tim Croft aspires to be one of those names. Croft has always been interested in modeling, but up until recently he did not realize that it could be an attainable goal.


“I want to be a model, not only for myself, but to prove to others that I can,” Croft said. “I want to be someone that people remember. I want to be someone that people I went to school with will look on a magazine or on social media and say ‘Oh wow, I knew him!’”


Modeling could take years to accomplish. Headshots, contracts, castings and callbacks can take months. For Croft, it all happened quickly. He went with his friends to be a model for a shoot, and one of the other aspiring models he met told him to sign up with the Sculpt agency. Croft was required to put together a portfolio and to record his measurements.


“I was extremely excited [when I got signed],” Croft said. “Sculpt agency is out of Little Rock. They have produced several big time models like Lacey Claire and multiple Wihelmina models who are now taking the LA scene.”


Crofts’ self-proclaimed “modern hipster” style is what caught the eye of the agency. His goals are like those of former Sculpt models in the fact that he would like to sign with Wilhelmina, but he wishes to go further and eventually sign with a bigger agency.


“I [have a goal] to sign with either Wilhelmina in LA or IMG models in New York,” Croft said. “They also have headquarters in Paris, Hong Kong, London and Milan. Hopefully I’ll one day walk at New York Fashion Week.”


For Croft, modeling is about more than just being a pretty face on a magazine. The senior says he hopes to enhance his self-confidence and the self-confidence of others around him.


“[When I got signed,] I felt like maybe I was good enough to do something big one day, like model for a big fashion company like Vogue,” Croft said. “I’ve never seen myself the way others see me, so it was a real confidence booster.”