Walking the Stage

2023 Graduates remanence over their time at Bryant and their graduation ceremony.


Journe Rose

Senior Banks Austin walking to his seat before graduation was to begin. Teachers formed two lines, creating a funnel for the students to walk through. “it’ll be fun to see people i know graduate.” Banks said prior to the event.

Jasper Robertson, Staff Writer

A light drizzle halted as the ceremony began; the stadium screen showcasing the senior class officers welcoming everyone and announcing the class of 2023 graduation. The graduates filed out to their seats, two lines of teachers welcoming them in.

The ceremony lasted nearly 2 hours, but for some graduates, it didn’t seem like that much time.

“There wasn’t a lot of time to really take it all in,” Ember Magness, 2023 graduate, said. “I didn’t expect much out of it, but it seemed a lot more rushed than I anticipated. I thought it was just going to be hot and sweaty and miserable.”

While Magness preferred meeting with fellow graduates after the ceremony to celebrate, the commencement did hold a special moment for her.

“My favorite part of the ceremony was receiving my diploma from Mrs Rogers and getting to thank her one last time for everything she’s done for me,” Magness said.

Leading up to the graduation, Banks Austin thought senior year was good, but stressful.

“Keeping my grades up [was stressful] because you can see that you’re so close to the finish.” Austin said.

Senior Year, according to Goodwin, wasn’t too difficult compared to past school years, but also wasn’t a walk in the park.

“It was not too hard, but not the easiest.” Goodwin said. “The acquaintances I met in every class really helped me get through it.”

A big part of senior year for a lot of students is Internship, in which students get a set amount of class periods where they can go work instead of being at the school. Both Goodwin and Magness enjoyed internships after fourth period let out.

“I worked most days, but on the certain days I was off I got to go home and chill while everyone else was at school.” Goodwin said.

Goodwin looked forward to internship since he had started highschool.

“Only having to go to four periods was probably the thing I anticipated the most, and I enjoyed it a lot.” Goodwin said. “I had Art with Mrs. Cardinale and it was a great way to end my school day.”

Another big aspect of Senior year was Senior Week, which Austin took part in on the Red team.

“I had wanted to do the Senior Games since my sophomore year because it looked really fun, and it was,” Austin said. “The whole team aspect was fun, and I also just enjoyed the competitiveness.”

Towards the end of the year, students were able to give Life Impact Awards to anyone on campus who they felt impacted their life the most. Magness gave hers to Mr. Ader, a history teacher at the junior high.

“I gave him my life impact award because I was in his class in both 7th and 8th grade,” Magness said. “Both years I was able to go to him with any problem I was having, whether it was at school or at home, and he became my biggest advocate throughout those years.”

Goodwin couldn’t give a life impact award to anyone, as both the teachers he would have given one to left the district.

“My fourth and fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Walker, was probably the most influential teacher, but she retired right after we left.“ Goodwin said. “I also wanted to give it to arguably the best history teacher of all time, Mr. Anthony Rushing, but he retired as well.

Now that Austin has graduated, he plans to go to University of Central Arkansas.

“I’m majoring in Environmental Science and Data Science,” Austin said. “Hopefully in the next five years I can get a masters.”

Goodwin isn’t going to college, but getting his Real Estate License.

“I plan on becoming a realtor, and in the next five years I hope to be working at a real estate company saving up money to buy everything I want.” Goodwin said.

Magness is doing online college with the University of Arkansas

“I’m planning on eventually getting my masters in Human Environmental Sciences.” Magness said.
Looking back on all her years of schooling, the support she received from teachers helped her continue to work hard.

“Remembering the teachers I had and how they always encouraged me and spoke highly of me gave me motivation to stay in school and make them proud.” Magness said.