Debates on Spirit Week

Students and Student Senate Share Their Opinions on Spirit Week


Yisel Acosta

Sophomores Adalynn Mellon, Gabriella Webb, and Sydney Pomtree wear their outfits for “Adam Sandler Wednesday” during Bryant High School’s spirit week.

Molly Kitchens, Staff Writer

After the release of the official spirit week themes created by the Student Senate, a few individuals reportedly created their own spirit week themes, which included Media Monday, Time Travel Tuesday, Wednesday’s Best, and Type Thursday. 

After asking students their opinions on spirit week via the Prospective’s official social media, it was discovered that there were many mixed feelings regarding the spirit week themes. 

“In general, I always look forward to spirit week,” sophomore Mary Claire Harper said. “It’s a super fun way for us to get involved and everybody feels included. No matter if you’re a popular person or someone who people don’t really know, as long as you’re dressing up and following the theme, I think we all feel included as a school and it brings our school together and just to see everyone having fun with. I definitely just think it’s a positive thing.”

Although many students enjoyed spirit week, some students believe there could have been improvements made to the themes. 

“I think spirit week is pretty fun. You get to get creative and make your own outfits and show school spirit,” senior Ashleigh Byles said. “I think the only downside about spirit week is that it’s not student-polled, but at the same time the unexpectancy—it’s fun to be able to figure out what the spirit days are and wait and have anticipation of just being able to get creative and make your own [outfit].”

Other students believed the themes were too similar to each other.

“I think they should have had more diverse ideas, I feel like a lot of the ideas were very similar to each other,” junior Branden Pritchett said. “I think that this spirit week could have been executed better.” 

Although it can be hard to cater the themes to everyone, senior Kate Chumley, Student Senate president, says that the Student Senate does the best they can. 

“People who want to be a part of the decision-making process can always apply to be a part of the Student Senate,” Chumley said. “Student Senate strives to make spirit week a week where people can enjoy themselves by dressing up in a fun and creative way.” 

According to Amber Leaton, sponsor for the Student Senate, no matter what spirit week themes are chosen, it’s impossible to please everyone. 

“The day before we released the themes, I told the Student Senate ‘Just prepare yourself. There will be people who don’t like them and that’s okay. We can’t please everybody. This is a massive school and even if we asked every single student, there’s no way we could come up with days that pleased everyone,’” Leaton said. “I just told them to be prepared, just be positive, and have fun with it.”