Euphoria: Not For the Faint of Heart

Student opinions on viral show


Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Sydney Maddox , Staff Writer

As the popularity of HBO’s Euphoria grows, the controversy of the show’s major themes grows as well. Parents hate it and high-school-aged students love it—but why?

From it’s dramatic shock value to the fashion and makeup looks that the show is praised for across social media, students are loving Euphoria.

The show follows the life of its main character and narrator, Rue. Rue is an edgy, emotionally-dependent 17-year-old who cares about one thing: her next opportunity to get high. She is played by actress and singer Zendaya.

There is an ongoing argument that the use of drugs within the show glorifies addiction among teens, but junior Brooklyn Prince believes that this is just simply a misinterpretation of the main character.

“The show is illustrated from a teenage perspective, not a perspective that describes a lesson to be learned. Because of this, I think any possible glorifications of the show’s subjects are done purposely to illustrate a teenager’s mind,” Prince said.

Prince explains that she believes that the show is not for everyone and that it can be very impressionable on younger viewers because of the level at which drug usage is glorified through Rue’s perspective.

“She has access to help and people who want to help her; she just doesn’t want to help herself. She doesn’t want to get better,” sophomore Chloe Alexander said.

Alexander believes that the writers of the show may have written her that way to shed light on the reality of drug addiction, especially among adolescents.

However, there are more than just drug addictions throughout the storyline. Viewers like junior Taylor Curley are raving over the clever choices made by the wardrobe stylists and makeup artists behind the scenes of the show.

“My favorite character is Maddy Perez and I’m literally in love with her makeup, hairstyles and most definitely her wardrobe,” Curley said. “If I was told that I could raid her closet, you wouldn’t even have to tell me twice.”

When considering the show as a whole, Prince explains that it is not for the faint of heart, and that its intentions can get lost in the chaotic scenes of sex, violence and drug use. However, Curley states that throughout watching the show, she felt understood and heard.

“The show really puts an emphasis on how ‘everyone has their own problems,’” Curley said.

Season two of Euphoria continues to release every Sunday night on HBO and HBO Max at 9 p.m EST. Tune in to see why students and people across the country continue to rave about the show.