Pushing Through the Process

Former Bryant graduates share advice on college application process.


Sydney Maddox, Staff Writer

After surviving all four years of high school, two current Southern Arkansas University students and Bryant Alumni have thrived through college and scholarship applications and everything that entails moving on to that next step in life.

“I loved Bryant High and every memory, friend and opportunity it gave me,” 2021 Bryant grad and current SAU student Samantha Still said. “Being able to be so involved with the campus and community made it feel like home.”

Due to an athletic college scholarship, Still is currently studying Entrepreneurship and playing Volleyball for SAU in Magnolia, Arkansas. Still explains that knowing what college she would be attending from the beginning made her application process fairly simple.

“I filled out my application, applied for multiple scholarships, wrote a couple of essays and had a handful of letters from previous teachers, coaches or bosses.”

Still continued on to explain that the scholarship application process took a lot of hard work, and was a pain at some points. “They pay off one hundred percent. Apply early to every scholarship you can find..”

2020 Bryant grad and current SAU junior Truli Bates also shared some advice in terms of the college application process.

“Be attentive to checking scholarship deadlines, make sure you’re using your resources at the high school and—if you’re taking the athletics route—put your foot in the door and be resilient in the recruiting process.”

Bates is currently studying to become a social studies teacher and volleyball coach. She explains that this passion of hers is what keeps her motivated, along with a few special people who continue to root for her.

“I was really blessed with some amazing people; Coach Watson, Mrs. Leaton, Coach Back, Mrs. Watkins and many more who were extremely important to my success.”

Still empathizes with the difficulty of change and believes that it is especially hard for a teenager trying to figure out where they belong and who they are.
“Pray and keep your people close. Change is hard, but it’s a lot easier with a great support system.”