Jonas Brothers Reunite

Six Year Break Broken


Sydney Boswell

Rhea Patel, Writer

After about six years apart, the Jonas Brothers have made a comeback, leaving fans eager for more. The trio last released music in October of 2013. March 1, the brothers released their single “Sucker,” ending their break and reawakening all their fans.

Senior Lauren Basco is one of many fans captivated by the Jonas Brothers. Basco has loved them from a young age and even went to a couple of their concerts.

“[They] remind me of being young, and their music is just really good,” Basco said. “They were my first concert ever.”

With the time gap, the Jonas Brothers’ music is bound to have changed throughout the years. Even though it is more pop-based compared to their old Disney albums, Basco still enjoys their new song and is willing to go to another concert.

“I think their new music is just as good as their old stuff, it’s just different,” Basco said. “If they go on tour again, then I will definitely go.”

Sharing Basco’s love for the Jonas Brothers, junior Kaylen Daniel is also a fan. Her first concert was also a Jonas Brothers show.

“It was really fun, because I got to hang out with my family, and I got to meet [the Jonas Brothers] in person,” Daniel said. “I’m a big fangirl, so I still think about it sometimes, that I was in the same room breathing the same air as them.”

Daniel is still a fan of the Jonas Brothers, because she likes that the brothers still hang out and make good music. She also appreciates that she can hear the individuality of the brothers within one song.

 “I think it’s really cool, because their new music sounds like DNCE, which is Joe’s new band, and it sounds like Nick Jonas at the same time,” Daniel said.

Daniel is most excited for the fun experience that the Jonas Brothers going on tour would bring.

“[If they go on tour,] I would probably spend my entire life savings on tickets for the Jonas Brothers,” Daniel said.

While the Jonas Brothers are popular with current high schoolers, it has also brought back good memories for bilingual paraprofessional Edrei Miranda. Although she has not been to a Jonas Brothers concert, Miranda would like to go to one if they go on tour.

“I’m a fan of the Jonas Brothers, because I grew up with them, and I honestly liked their music,” Miranda said.

Even though Miranda grew up with the old Jonas brothers, she liked their new song. She believes that it showed a progression of who the Jonas Brothers are as artists and who they are now as adults, rather than the teenagers they once were.

“I’m most excited to hear their new sound as a group and how they will [be] as artists,” Miranda said.