NBA Fans’ Thoughts on Lebron James to Los Angeles

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NBA Fans’ Thoughts on Lebron James to Los Angeles

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Rowdy Baribeau, Writer

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NBA free-agency is one of the more interesting aspects of the season. This summer was especially interesting, as it featured arguably the greatest basketball player in the world, LeBron James. James opted out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and ultimately took his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers. The move took the NBA world by storm, for it was a move that was thought to revive the “showtime” Lakers and turn them into an instant contender.

Senior Andrew Hayes has been a Lakers fan for the majority of his life and was excited when James announced his plans to go to the west coast.

“Of course I was happy that [James] decided to come to my team,” Hayes said. “It was a huge pickup for [the Lakers].”

Senior Andrew Hayes. Photo | Sophia Ocampo

Although Hayes is happy that James is on his favorite team, he realizes that the Lakers have instantly become a “bandwagon” team. A “bandwagon” team is typically a team that is really good or has athletes on the team that fans follow. The fans only stick around when the team is good or winning and are quick to jump ship once the team is losing.

“I knew that people would start liking the Lakers because [James] came here,” Hayes said. “We haven’t been the best team recently, and now we suddenly have all of these fans because LeBron is here.”

Hayes has felt annoyed at all the new “fans” the Lakers have now gained.

“I just didn’t want us to be that type of team,” Hayes said. “That’s what you’ll get though, when you get the best player in the league.”

Senior Vatsal Patel has been a fan of James since 2011 and he views the move to Los Angeles as a good opportunity for him.

“It’s good for his career,” Patel said. “There’s a bright future in L.A., plus the business side; he has a lot of documentaries and movies coming out.”

Senior Vatsal Patel. Photo | Sophia Ocampo

Patel expects to see James and the Lakers win an NBA Finals in the near future.

“I think within the next three years, L.A. will win a championship,” Patel said. “Right now, the team is just young, but if [the Lakers] can get another big free agent signing, we’ll be in good shape.”

While some fans of LeBron are excited and happy that he has gone to the Lakers, there are some who believe he should have gone elsewhere. Senior AJ Williams believes LeBron would be better suited at the Philadelphia 76ers.

“They’re already a developed team,” Williams said. “He’s in year 17. He needs to be with a better team that can win immediately.”

While Williams believes he should have gone elsewhere, he thinks James’ move to L.A. could be beneficial.

Senior A.J. Williams. Photo | Sophia Ocampo

“It could be good,” Williams said. “But, right now, it’s not looking so good.”

James’ legacy is already one of the greatest in all of basketball, but Williams believes that if he does not win in L.A., his legacy will be negatively affected.

“He has to win,” Williams said. “He went to L.A. to win, but regardless of the outcome, he’s still the ‘GOAT.’”

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