Meant For The Stage


Jae Kubena

Emily Rutledge, Writer

Eyes shift from the intense soccer game for elementary students to a defender on the field as the first quarter comes to an end. A child, seemingly unaware of the responsibilities of his position, displays energetic dance moves, completely stealing the attention of the crowd. This was the day sophomore William Alverio and his family discovered he was not meant for sports, but theater.

From a young age, Alverio has pursued a path to become an artist, taking part in extracurricular activities such as band, choir and theater. His dedication and passion lead him to being cast to play a paid role in “Seussical the Musical.” The show, put on by director Bevan Keating, is scheduled to take place at Wildwood Park for the Arts in late October.

“I went to a summer camp for advanced vocalists, and they had really taken a liking toward me,” Alverio said. ”A spot needed to be filled in their musical, so they asked if I could join. I signed the contract, joined, and was later put in to an even higher role from a ‘Who’ to a ‘Wickersham.’”

No audition was required for Alverio to fulfill the role. It was guaranteed after he performed a solo at his summer camp concert.

“We were split into different studios, and each studio could only have one student be given the chance to have the solo at the concert,” Alverio said. “ I, along with another girl, both got picked, because her song was emotionally heart wrenching, and I really got into mine emotionally. The director, [previously only willing to accept one soloist], changed it so we could both have it, and the director later face-to-face told me he wanted me to join ‘Seussical the Musical.’”

Alverio could not make it without the rest of the “Seussical the Musical” cast. They support him just as much as his own family would.

“[During days of rehearsal], we get there about 30 minutes early, and whoever brings snacks that day sets up, and the rest of us socialize until we are ready for rehearsal,” Alverio said. “We all get along and enjoy each others company. Some of us have gone through hardships, but we [are] all supportive and also love to gossip about the outside world.”

His second family remains at his side throughout his journey as an actor and singer. All the while, his teachers guide him to become the best he can be. Choir teacher Tanner Oglesby has been one of many instructors to support Alverio, and Oglesby believes he can do anything he puts his mind to.

I believe that William, and any of my other students, can accomplish his or her dreams with hard work, focus and grit,” Olgesby said. “My advice to any aspiring performer would be to keep your friends close and your competition closer. One does not achieve greatness by shying away from risks and staying comfortable.

Show business is one of Alverio’s top priorities, and he plans to continue doing what he loves for as long as possible. For him, acting is not simply memorizing lines and reciting them on stage. The stage is where passion, emotion and faith are able to swirl together to display a story worth telling.

“Some people choose to show no emotions,” Alverio said. “I choose to display many.”