Freshmen Adapting to High School

Alex Beyerlein, Writer

Freshman year is the year of new beginnings and new opportunities. It’s a unique year for students to start becoming the people they will turn out to be.

The transition from middle school to high school can be very intimidating, from constantly changing buildings to seeing upperclassmen. The outdoor campus is one of the main changes and freshmen Arielle Kirkely is having to adjust to it.

“All the walking [has been the biggest difference],” Kirkely said.

Many students join clubs, sports or other organizations in order to feel a sense of belonging and find new friends. Freshmen often join and stay with a program throughout high school and find that they really like being a part of a group. Freshmen Ellie Baribeau has been on the middle school yearbook staff for two years and has just joined the freshmen yearbook staff.

“Making editor [on yearbook]  is something really big [that has happened],” Baribeau said.

With the stigma of being immature and naive, freshmen often get a bad reputation. They will forever be known as the younger and less experienced. As they walk down the halls for the first time, freshmen are naturally nervous but excited.

“My anxiety was super high,” Baribeau said. “When I walked in, I thought I was going to trip and fall.”

High school has allowed Baribeau to have a mixed group of friends, ranging from age group to cultural diversity. She has created new bonds and even reignited old ones.

“A lot of my friends are tenth graders,” Baribeau said. “I was excited to see them since I never get to.”