Dancing King

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Dancing King

Rhea Patel, Writer

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Bryant Varsity Dance is known for their fast-paced choreography, sharp movements and smiling faces, but recently they have been getting attention for their newest addition, junior Kelton Ramsey. In the 58 years of Bryant Varsity Dance, Ramsey is the first boy to ever join the team.

Ramsey auditioned during the second round of tryouts. He knew he was not guaranteed a spot, but tried out anyway. Ramsey said that he would regret the chance if he didn’t take it.

“I knew there wasn’t a guy on the team,” Ramsey said. “I just tried out to see what would happen.”

Although Ramsey had success in making the team for the 2018-2019 season, it was not his first try. His freshman year, he tried out for the Bryant Junior Varsity Dance team, but did not make the team.

“For a while, I kept thinking, ‘What’s the point of me dancing?’, if I didn’t even make it through tryouts,” Ramsey said.

After taking time off, Ramsey started dancing again at Rock City Dance Center. Ramsey said that this is what helped him become a better dancer in the end and make it through tryouts. Looking back, Ramsey says he’s glad he didn’t make it in 9th grade.

“I practiced and took many classes to be able to make [the team],” Ramsey said. “Because of it, I’m more confident in my skills than I was before.”

Ramsey was nervous to try out, because he was worried about what others would say if he made it. To his surprise, he received nothing but full support from his friends, peers and family.

“I was really shocked by all the support I got,” Ramsey said. “Everyone supported me and said they were really proud of me.”

Not only has Ramsey gotten support from his classmates, but has also been featured on THV11 for a segment. He did not realize many people watched the news, so when people told him they saw him on the news, he was shocked. Even though he enjoyed the experience, he was extremely nervous.

“It was very nerve wracking, because I didn’t want to embarass myself,” Ramsey said. “I’m glad they did it, because now my story is out there for others to see.”

The best part about dance to Ramsey is his teammates. When he first made it, he was nervous about how the girls would treat him. They all bonded at summer camp and became extremely close. Ramsey ended up finding a second family.

“I’m a boy and they are girls, so there’s obviously many differences, but because we’re a family, it’s easy to work around the differences,” Ramsey said. “They make me feel welcome.”

Being the only boy on the team, eyes are mostly drawn to Ramsey. This makes him want to work ten times harder to get things right. He feels like he has to prove himself as the first boy on the dance team.

“Even if we’re just learning new choreography, I’ll stress so much to make sure I get it right,” Ramsey said. “Especially for homecoming this year, we’re learning new choreography that’s super complicated.”

While being on dance has taught Ramsey many useful dance skills, the most important things he has learned can be used on and off the dance floor.

“Varsity has taught me to be a better version of me in general,” Ramsey said. “Even if you’re tired, you should keep persevering.”

Ramsey hopes that anyone else that has a dream they want to pursue goes for it despite the idea of failure.

“Be fearless and never underestimate yourself,” Ramsey said.


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