Humans of BHS: Hannah Jetton

Natasha Arendt, Writer

Passion for yearbook has allowed junior Hannah Jetton to build lasting friendships.

 She has met and befriended many different people because of yearbook, which she has been a part of since 7th grade. However, she didn’t always enjoy yearbook.

 “I hated it at first,” Jetton said. “[Yearbook] made me do things I’d never done before, like taking responsibility for my own actions or talking to new people.”

But when she handed out yearbooks at the end of the year, Jetton decided to stay. She was the only returning yearbook member in 8th grade, so she became the editor. Then, she began making lasting friendships

 “About 50 [to] 70 percent of my friends are from journalism,” Jetton said.

Besides making lasting friendships, Jetton has also learned computer skills, such as how to use Photoshop, and how to talk to strangers. Jetton thinks journalism has given her skills that she can use later in life and has helped her become more confident.

“Before journalism, I was so shy, but now, I like talking to new people and learning their stories,” Jetton said.