Avengers Infinity War Trailer Released


Abby Herrman

Ryan McKenzie, Writer

Marvel fans watched in wonder Nov. 29 as they saw 10 years of movie build-up come to life with the “Avengers Infinity War” trailer release.

“Avengers Infinity War” comes out May 8, 2018. After 10 years and 18 previous films, the Avengers and other heroes from across the galaxy must come together to stop Thanos from collecting the infinity stones before he finds them all and destroys the universe. For junior Justin Castleberry, the 10 years of hype will pay off after watching the trailer.

“I was blown away,” Castleberry said. “I began to analyze everything and took it upon myself to rewatch it many times looking for the little [clues]. In short, [it’s] the best movie trailer I’ve ever seen. What excited me most about the trailer was how it pays tribute to the other movies spanning over the past ten years.”

Junior Faith Evans hopes to see many action scenes in the film.

“Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers coming together will be so cool,” Evans said.

As well as all the heroes coming together in this film, Evans wants to see more of what was revealed in the trailer, including an appearance of Captain America.

“I saw that Vision had hair and looked kind of human, though I’m interested in what they are gonna do with that,” Evans said.” Also, Captain America is in it, even though I thought he wasn’t gonna be in it.”