Senior Week Preview


Photo | Connor Morris

Brad Brewer, Print Editor

High school is coming to a close for the class of 2017, and the class officers are looking to send seniors to their next destination with a week of fun and games.


Senior week will start on April 24, and will feature roughly 250 seniors competing across four teams. Senior class vice president Ellie Hooten will lead the purple team in their pursuit of their third straight victory.


“There definitely is [added pressure],” Hooten said. “There’s not really a specific team [to beat]. All teams are pretty fierce competition this year.”


Senior reporter historian Julianne Weaver is the captain of the red team, and has started off strong by claiming more doors than any other team.


“I had a strategy because I knew it would be crazy on April 10th because I knew everyone was waiting to claim doors,” Weaver said. “So as soon as people came up to the table and figured out they were on my team, I told them where to go to claim doors, while other teams were just standing around and just talking.”


Weaver is not worried about beating any specific team, and is instead focusing on making her team the best it can be.


“I don’t think there is one certain team that I’m worried about,” Weaver said. “Obviously, we know that each team is going to bring its own level of competition in different ways. So I think we are more just thinking about how we can do well rather than focusing on other teams.”


This year’s yellow team is headed by senior treasurer Sebastian Diaz, and one of his priorities is to stay original.


“It’s really hard for yellow because it’s a special color,” Diaz said. “It’s not often seen as a color that people have spirit in. I wanted to stay away from the typical banana, Yellow Submarine, Magic School Bus mindset. I really want to bring yellow more glory than it’s received in the years past.”


Diaz also made sure to be creative when it came to the themes for senior week. Among the themes is “The Second Coming,” where the yellow team will dress up like angels.


“Being a man of faith I thought it would be kind of funny,” Diaz said. I guess at the same time it can be positive to express your religiousness by being an angel for a day. Even if you’re not religious, it’s still kind of fun.”


Unlike Hooten and Weaver, Diaz specifically wants to take down the purple team and end their winning streak.


“I do kind of want to beat purple because they have that ‘purple reign’ thing,” Diaz said. “It would be cool to knock them off their throne for a year.”