Things to Leave in 2016


Emma Goad, Online Editor

Cargo Shorts

The fact that these weren’t left in 2010 is shocking. Seriously? These khaki-colored travesties deserve to burn. Sure, they’re comfortable and functional, but are that many pockets really necessary? At most, you have to carry a wallet, a pair of keys and a phone. One pocket is enough.



Whoever decided to make millions on a funky skateboard probably had a lot of time on their hands. They don’t hover, they’re slow and they catch on fire. Please, people, spend your $300 on something that matters.


“In my feelings”

Yes, teenagers are hormonal. Yes, teenagers have reasons behind getting emotional, but own up to those emotions. Don’t blame it on being “in your feelings,” because that’s a cop out, and everyone knows it.


The Mannequin Challenge

At some point in 2016, people decided that taking a video of a crowd standing perfectly still was entertaining. All I really have to say about this one is that watching these videos are always a minute of my life that I can never take back.


Big Chokers

The 1990 fashion statement came back full-force in 2016. Yes, chokers are fine and dandy, but the ones that are as big as a neck brace are confusing. I guess this is an example of beauty vs. comfort?



If you haven’t seen them yet, microbags are just like purses, but one eighth of the size. These are alright, if all you need to carry are your keys. But something that I can not stand is when people take these microbags, and then attach them to their larger purses. Why, America? Why?


Deconstructed Food

Food is amazing, and that’s something Everyone can agree on. Something less amazing? When your food comes to the table deconstructed. I’ve seen photos of people ordering spaghetti, but it comes to them in multiple different mason jars. One mason jar of noodles. One mason jar of sauce. One mason jar of meat. What’s the point? If you wanted it that way, you could just make it at home.