BREAKING: Prince Dies at age 57

Emma Goad, Online Editor

Well-known and beloved music icon, Prince, passed away today, April 21. The 80’s star was popular for his music, but he did more than sing–he held the hearts of listeners for more than three decades. From Little Red Corvette to Purple Rain, the singer-songwriter was able to help people through hard times as well as give them songs to sing and cry to.

Prince’s publicist announced that he died at his home in Minnesota at age 57 and that an investigation is underway. Because he was recently in the hospital with the flu, his health was already in question.

In order to stomp out the rumors related to his well-being, he made an appearance at a dance party located at Paisley Park the Saturday before his death.

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers,” Prince said at the dance party to comfort concerned fans.