AP Spanish Students Research Science & Technology

Students discover differences in advances between the U.S. and Spanish-speaking countries

March 11, 2020

Students in Chandra Willix’s AP Spanish researched information on different innovations created in both the U.S. and Spanish-speaking countries like Argentina and Mexico March 3-6. 

Their research had to be either about science or technology, and the goal of the research project was to compare the cultures between countries. Senior Ainsle Nolan researched filtered straws. 

“I thought it was really cool that in Central America, there are straws that allow people to drink directly from lakes,” Nolan said. “Places like Peru really benefit from these straws due to their lack of access to clean water.”  

One student who is from Madrid, Spain, Andrea Diaz, decided to do her project on different types of insurance, because insurance isn’t common in Spain. 

“To us, as Americans, having insurance is a necessity, but when I found out that they don’t have insurance in Spain and that healthcare was free, I was amazed,” Nolan said. “Other countries like Spain have access to free college and medical care, and it really gives us something to think about when comparing the two countries.” 

The project was also put in place to help improve Spanish speaking skills in order to prepare for their upcoming AP test in May. Willix makes sure her students are always speaking in Spanish through her class. 

“I try to have discussions about real-world scenarios and cultures, because I try to get them to speak in class,” Willix said. 

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